September 24, 2009

Crepes, Perhaps?

So, the other day i had an amazing crepe at a nearby coffee shop, and I wondered to myself, there a quick way to make a crepe from pancake batter?  To answer this research question, I decided to run an experiment.

First, I added twice as much water to the pancake mix to make it super watery.

Then i cleaned a large skillet and fired it up.

Poured the batter into the pan.

Spread it all around.

Then....failure happened.

Nope, the answer to my research question, Can you make quick crepes from pancake batter?, was a resounding "NO". 

I tried to revive it by adding a sprinkle of sugar to it.

I took one bite and dumped it in the trash, and had some shredded wheat for breakfast instead.

The End.

The point?  Most of my posts are successful results.  But if there's one thing I am always learning from research is that it is important to report instances when you have negative/no results too.  That way, others can learn what not to try next time.  So don't try making crepes out of pancake batter, it SUCKS.  Okay bye.


  1. Hmm. There's a Russian proverb, "the first pancake is always lumpy" :) So this is just the case:) Did you use a store-bought pancake mix?.. Like, it's meant for thick pancakes only?..

  2. Mmm crepe... unfortunately, from my experience, there really isn't an easy way to make them unless you have a crepe maker.. which are amazing! those make it CRAZY easy... as in dip the crepe maker into a bowl of batter... flip maker over...wait a second... remove crepe, eat, repeat... :)

  3. Hey Alina! yeah, i did use store-bought pancake mix. i think the problem is that it has too much leavening agent. it was too puffy to flip. oh well!

    Linz, oooh i wasn't aware there is an official crepe maker out there. that sounds like an intriguing new toy :) hmm...


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