June 23, 2010

Rockstar Cookies

Cookie-baking urges come in very strong waves for me.  Especially sugar cookies, which require careful decoration, thoughtful planning, and beautiful results.  I think I like the fact that, despite my horrible lack of plating skills, decorated sugar cookies always turn out so pretty.  I love this sugar cookie recipe, which has been a staple in my life.  I've used this recipe to make cookies for care packages, cookies for my friend's 3rd graders in Florida, and for my brother at college

This time, I decided to make some cookies for some kids I'll be seeing this week.  They're like nieces and nephews to me, and Aunt Sunny likes to feed them :)  Since they're the rocking-est kids, i decided to make "Rockstar Cookies" with these star and eighth note cookie cutters!

Here are the yummy cookies all cut and ready to bake!

Okay, so yesterday, I asked people on the SSUR facebook page what people did with their last little bit of cookie dough after cutting shapes.  The consensus seemed to be that people just ate them.  Sharon suggested making a misshapen test cookie, and Jessica suggested rolling it around in cinnamon and sugar like snickerdoodle!  Here's what I do.  I make letters of the alphabet.  If I'm baking with someone, I usually make their initials.  Since I was baking alone...

I made this into...

a great, big, narcissistic "S" for sunny.

Some rockin' shapes from the oven.  I love this recipe because it takes only 8 minutes to bake.

Cooled cookies. 

Okay, so in my experience, sugar cookies look a lot nicer if you pick 2 shapes and 2 colors for each shape.  Otherwise, it just gets so busy that it doesn't look as nice--more chaotic.  Okay, so I had 4 colors to make.  Immediately, I went with an orange shade for the music notes.  I don't know, it was just calling to me.

Pretty orange.

Then I made a sage green for the other music notes.  I thought it'd complement the orange nicely.

I used mostly green, a little tiny bit of red, and a squirt of yellow.  I love mixing icing colors, it makes me think back to my art classes.

Okay, for the stars.  Gotta have yellow.

And last but not least, I made a pretty blue-green for the other half of the stars.

All four colors!

Small sad story: I was trying to carry all 4 bowls of frosting to my kitchen table at the same time, as well as my lens cap.  I decided to carry my lens cap on my head.  I don't know why I thought that was such a clever idea.  Course, my balance is sub-par, and this happened.

Okay, anyways, here are the results of my work.  I feel fulfilled.

Blue stars with silver sugar crystals, which i love.

Yellow stars with big round rainbow sprinkles.

I love how these sprinkles instantly add an air of festiveness to the cookies.

Cute, right?

Let's check out the music notes.  Here are my sage green notes with pearls on em. 

These are a little more dignified than the others.

Oh right, here's my narcissistic cookie.

Okay, and here are the orange music notes.  So rockin', yeah?

I love the color so much. 

Another slightly embarrassing story.  I decided that it'd be fun if I flipped some of these music notes over so there's some variation.  Except, then they're no longer music notes.  The note's flag is on the wrong side.  Arg!  Twenty years of music lessons amount to failure cookies.

This one just didn't deserve to live.  So i did as nature often does.  Eat the weak ones that wouldn't survive anyway.  Nom.

I'm excited to give these cookies out this week!  I love giving cookies as gifts to people I care about.  Try it yourself!  The recipe is easy, and the end results are often quite beautiful.

Have a wonderful rest of the week!


  1. Impressive! Last time I tried to make sugar cookies I became impatient (mostly because I didn't use enough flower and they were sticking to everything). So I made one HUGE cookie the size of the cookie sheet. Heh. Gotta try this one out. Love your color choices.

    PS I just "Google Readered" your site so I'll finally start following!

  2. YAY! Thanks for following the blog! :) Yeah, i love making sugar cookies so much. But i have had my fair share of baking disasters, so i can totally relate.

  3. Excuse for me a maybe obvious question but seeing as its my first time visiting your blog (and enjoying it very much!) I'm allowing myself one n00b question: Are you baking in a toaster oven? If so, on what setting and temperature? I spend most of a my week living with a toaster oven and I would love to bake with it!

  4. Hi tiny.tart! Thanks for visiting! At the time I was making these, I didn't have a cooling rack so I used the rack from my toaster oven to cool the cookies.

    But I would imagine that the bake setting on a toaster oven would do this perfectly well. I would reduce the temperature down from 400F to 375F as my toaster ovens usually run a little hotter than the big oven. If you do try it, let me know, I'd be curious how they turn out! :)


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